Get your Bleach on

Not usually one to really stray far from the blonde tresses that I have maintained since I was a bright, young thing, I decided, as I turned a rather unsavoury age (late twenties) that I couldn’t die having just been a bottle blonde ( yep that secret is out.)
I had in sorts a mid-life crisis, turning brunette was certainly a no-go, too dark and I’m far too pasty,  red was an option but given that it would take a lot of time and expense to get back to blonde if I decided I hated it, that too was also ruled out.
So upon discovering Alex Brownsell and learning all about her work as a colourist for Vogue, Dazed and Confused et al, I always wished that she would get her hands on my hair and just sort it out! But alas, one could only dream-she’s a much sort after young lady!
Bleach arrived and opened within the vicinity of WAH Nails on Kingsland Road in Dalston. Headed up by Alex and Alicia, both beautiful, cool things who can work colour magic on any hair. Example? Take a look at Pandora Lennard, fashion editor at TANK magazine. Her red tresses that rocked every alternative girl’s world were taken to colours that would make a chewy fruit salad sweet blush, from here they then became honey blonde. And we all know that red will really put up a fight before leaving the hair cuticle.
From ravishing red…
to dip-dye action



Literally ASAP after the opening I had myself booked in, ready for a revamp. Alex Brownsell is not only a colourist’s colourist, pushing boundaries and bring something exciting and  new (check out the Halloween and Christmas specials they have) but her and the staff have customer service nailed.  Alex asked all the right questions, knew exactly what I had previously used on my hair and put on a scalp protector (NOBODY has EVER done that for me considering my scalp is noticeably sensitive.) PLUS, she brushed my hair for me, SHE BRUSHED MY HAIR FOR ME, other hairdressers please take note.  It’s surprising the amount of  “stylists” that thrust a brush in your hands and demand you comb your hair yourself. Service that is not. 

Alex working on a lovely young ladies hair



Having had a chat with Alex and showing her my rather geeky montage of inspiring images, I went from…








And I absolutely loved it!
To make appointments email
For more information…
Address:  Bleach Salon, 240 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA.
Telephone Number: 0207 275 9500. 
Images: Tank Blog, myself and Bleach.

~ by Rae on December 22, 2010.

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