Chez nouveau: House of Hackney


What a sight for sore eyes! Desperate for a home of my own to decorate and dwell in, my heart swelled to the size of a watermelon when discovering this little beauty, a new interiors and lifestyle brand created by couple Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle.

Their home in Hackney has been opened up and used as a showroom for clients, I haven’t quite had the luxury of running through their showroom/home as if it were my own, touching everything and drooling, but I did get to do this at the pop up shop in Dalston, which is just magnificent. The building which played temporary host to the pop up is regularly used for fashion photoshoots and, due to it’s ramshackled nature of bare bricks and peeling paper, contrasted agains the luxury of the collections and highlighted the eccentricity. When the time comes to give up renting and purchase my own digs, these are the people I want to come and sort it out! Their debut consists of three collections , each covering a range of interior necessities (well, my idea of necessity,) lampshades, duvets, pillows, teasets and bespoke, made-to-order items such as beds and Victorian conversation chairs. You can soon buy the more immediate objects from their website.  

Hackney Empire

Queen Bee


Dalston Rose

As you can see from below,  the fashion possiblities are endless.  The pop up girls  are sporting Queen Bee hotpants and another was wearing a Dalston Rose peplum skirted dress. I would love to get my hands on either of these. Fingers crossed!

The photoshoot below was styled by two of my favourite stylists, Celestine Cooney and Kimi O’ Neill, the imagery iss by Italian Vogue photographer David Dunan.






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