Creeping around town

Ugly, awkward and unlikely to give you a pin-up status, the brothel creeper shoe does give a certain edge and unexpected direction to a look. The move from cult to mainstream has partly been in due to the Prada striped brogue with espadrille tendencies and a raised flatform. This particular pair of shoes has sold out numerous times and now with waiting lists as long as the model’s legs showcasing them,  customers have had to wait approximately six weeks before they get to part with oh, roundabouts £500.

I don’t have the patience to to wait. I want something, I want it now, (blame the media…) The brothel creeper has been popping up across many an AW11/12 shows, as well as in previous fashion show audiences, and I will say now, that once winter kicks in, the brothel creeper will be a major player in the shoe department and have more mainstream appeal across the country. At the moment though, people are still slightly wary and will only be worn by the fashion fearless or the associated style tribes (rockabillies, psychobillies, punk) For summer, these look great with bare legs and a floaty frock to lighten the thick, heavy sole and the heavy sole will add weight and edge to anything girly.

The roots of the brothel creepers can be found back in WWII when soldiers in North Africa wore them to protect their feet from getting burnt, they would continue to wear these shoes once back in Britain. The Teddy Boys took to them in the ’50s combining them with drainpipe trousers/jeans and a dance known as ‘the creep.’

I purchased my pair from Underground, this brand have taken the brothel creeper into fashion fabulous territory because of their collaborations with certain designers at the AW11/12 shows; Asger Juel Larsens, Ashish, Mugler (Paris menswear), Charlie LeMindu and Samantha Cole (ON/OFF). What I like about this pair of shoes, for similar reasons to wearing Dr Martens, they give a tough edge to my little girl like hair, which screams love me, but the shoes will say ‘don’t fuck with me.’


~ by Rae on June 20, 2011.

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