Beauty is pain

My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts, I have been ill and I am still not 100%. A bout of tonsillitus has left me bed-bound, filling my gut with orange juice and whincing in pain whilst swallowing food. (I made the mistake last time of not eating at all and found myself in hospital, throwing up and very dehydrated.) I returned to work on Thursday, I felt alright plus I  had a hairdressers appointment that evening, which I couldn’t really miss because on Monday, I have to present an award in front of over 500 individuals in the hairdressing industry.  I am passed thinking root regrowth is cool. It’s not. I looked like a brassy barmaid.

So I got through the work day, popped in to the salon which is one that I normally frequent and always enjoy. I was having the usual treatment when my head starting burning up and stinging. Now, for me, this has happened before so I thought nothing of it. But it got worse and worse and worse till it was quite unbearable. The hairdresser asked if I was OK and brought me water and cooled down my scalp with cold water.  Once sat back in the chair I took a look at my face, chest, arms and hands and audibley gasped. I was covered in a thick, red, itchy rash. It was at this point, both myself and the hairdresser knew something wasn’t right so a taxi was grabbed and I headed to the Accident and Emergency department at Homerton Hospital. Now, if you have ever been there you will know that it is completely depressing and people seem to go in there  just to hang out and bump up the waiting time.

I saw the doctor who was Irish and called Michael and if any of you girls are single, I would advise you bump up the waiting time waiting to meet him. (Cliche yes, but he was a gentleman, even DK came away with a crush.) So Michael ran a few tests, checked it wasn’t a reaction to my antibiotics for my tonsillitus and checked it wasn’t Scarlet Fever. Just as predicted, it was a reaction to the hair dye.

I have never, ever had a reaction to hair dye like this before and it is the same process and products that this particular hairdresser had used on me previously, so this reaction could not have been predicted. But from now on, a patch test is the way forward.


~ by Rae on September 2, 2011.

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