Dying to be blonde

So, as I have previously posted before, I have had an allergic reaction to hair dye. Not just any hair dye, but pre-lightener (or bleach), a product key to keeping my locks platinum blonde. Since my original post on the subject I have had a second reaction, at a different salon, with a different brand. This time, I took a skin test and then had my hair done but the same rash, itching and swelling occurred. I took myself to A & E again and this time they gave me steroids.

Just before Christmas I went to the hospital to see the doctor, he referred me for patch testing with a dermatologist at the Royal London Hospital. This is where I was today. The dermatologist didn’t perform patch testing as they didn’t feel it was necessary. The dermatologist said that my reaction was Type 1 Uticaria and I was reacting to the ammonium persulfate, apparently this is quite rare. The dermatologist said she had only seen one other case of it.

Bottom line; I can no longer be super blonde.

I thought this might be the case and (ashamedly as I know there are worse things happening in the world) I was a little teary eyed leaving the hospital. My whole life I have been blonde, it’s my identity, my signature look. Friends would recognise me in a busy crowd because of my hair, strangers would always tell me they loved the colour, and no that would no longer be. Also, would my boyfriend still find me attractive as a non-blonde?

So I am now on the hunt for ammonium persulphate free hair colourants either to keep me blonde or make me red – it could be time for a new look! I need to colour my hair pretty sharpish too because my roots are a couple of inches long and I’m starting to look pretty scruffy (and totally feel it). Definitely not my most stylish moment.

Lady of the Bridge

Lady of the Bridge



~ by Rae on February 24, 2012.

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